where is it

It’s at the top of Petřín hill next to the Eiffel-like
tower thing next to the kiosk area.
Go to Bohemia Bagel on Ujezd below the hill
and walk straight up the hill along the paths.
Or you can take the tram half way up the hill
and walk the rest of the way. We usually meet
at Club Ujezd beforehand and walk up together
(0602/346 559). Alternatively, you can get
there from behind, up top, a few stops below
the Marianska or whatever
tram stop where the 22 tram
goes. From there you
walk southwest or something
and meander your way to the
edge of the hill. The big fire
pit is on the downtown side of
the wall. There’s a big radio
tower beside the fire pit.

Hope to see ya there snots!




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