is a great app for android or iphone. Unlike google maps, it does not require an internet connection to work, but only gps. You will need to turn on your gps.

Once you download and install the app on your smartphone, zoom into the Linapacan area by locating the area and then put two fingers on the screen and spread them out (same way how to zoom in on google maps). Once you zoom in enough it will ask if you want to download the detailed map for this particular area. Choose yes. Make sure you do the same for Sibaltan and Coron (it may be the same map). This detailed map is now stored on your smartphone.

Below is a sample map of the area I was at while writing these instructions. Here is an explanation of some points.

Yellow 1 top right corner of screen: if in a certain mode the arrow should point north.
Red 2 near the bottom right: you press this star looking thing to change modes. One mode might find your location (it may take a little time, so be patient), another mode shows a blue arrow (your position), and press again to put little dash marks on either side of the blue arrow. This rotates the map depending on which direction you are pointing your smartphone.
Red 3 at bottom left: this is a search function, which you probably would not use, unless you want to explore Manila or something.
Red 4 in the center: a bookmark, explained below.

Now if you press with one finger for a few seconds anywhere on the map, a big blue dot will appear, marked with the red 1 near the top right of the picture below.

This is if you want to bookmark a particular location on your map, such as a good snorkeling spot.

To bookmark the big blue dot, press the bookmark button at the bottom left of the screen, next to red 3. A red dot will appear with a white star in the middle.
If you press the up arrow next to red 2, you will see more options (shown below), such as if you want to give your bookmark a name and/or description.
To the left of red 5 are the gps coordinates of your new bookmark. This could be good if you find a special spot that you'd like to share with the other boatmen. It is important that we all act as a single company and share the good snorkeling and other spots. The future success of our business depends on all our team knowing where the best spots are.
If you press on Route To (next to red 4), it will ask you from where. You may have to try this a few times but the most common is to choose Current Location. It will then draw out a path from your present location to the bookmark or wherever you want to go, which makes navigation easier.

The next picture simply shows more options if you pressed red 2 above.

You can see the EDIT BOOKMARK link to change the name or description, and the down arrow key above "Unknown Place" to hide that window. You can click elsewhere on the map, such as in the ocean, to hide more info and show more of the map.

You can also save your bookmarks as a backup. You can download mine here, to get the exact location of the places I describe throughout my website.

Now that you have this map set up, you can use it together with the google maps below if you want to bookmark any of those. The below map will be shown to our guests if they want to choose any special spots to visit, but can be hidden from the regular public to keep our nice spots a secret!