Boat Stops

The boatmen are seasoned and know this area well, usually defaulting to the starred gold-star choices below, so generally it suffices to work out the details once you meet them and tell them what kind of things you like. But since it is your own hired boat and if you'd like to plan more in advance, immediately below is a map of the various sites and below that more detailed info on the individual ones. You can select any of those below (these will be included in your final itinerary report), or just press if you want to work out these details with the boatman on meeting.  

To select a spot you'd like to visit, click on the mini map on the left of each place. It should show a green border to show you selected it (you may have to wait until the above map finishes loading). Press the mini map again to unselect it.

Once your booking is complete you will receive a report of your itinerary, which you can print out to show to your boatman.

The yellow stars below are for our recommended stops if you are limited to our standard 4-5 day tours.

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Kayangan Lake gold-star
#1 of most popular things to do around Coron according to Tripadvisor
Not far from Coron so not a needed rest break, but since it is such a popular stop, a worthwhile one if you haven't already taken a local tour. But be warned! At 300 steps total or a 75m climb to the halfway hump, be prepared to produce a few beads of sweat! This and Twin Lagoons getting rather overcrowded with tourists. 200p entrance fee each.
Twin Lagoon gold-star
#4 of most popular things to do around Coron according to Tripadvisor.
Quite close to Kayangan Lake above, but also a worthwhile visit. The coastline along these two is also quite spectacular. 200p entrance fee each.
A quaint little town on a quaint little island with an interesting and speckled history, but not so interesting to make it a must see. But if you've got the time and are up for it, you can always take the inexpensive public ferry from Coron (details through the link above) and start your boat tour from there, saving you a little and assuming you had already seen the main sites above on some local tours.
Culion, Palawan
Malcapuya Island
#2 of things to do around Coron according to Tripadvisor
Located near to the next three stops and usually part of a local Coron tour including the next two. The No Name island gets the star only because there is no entrance fee, probably less of a hassle to stop at, and a funky little island to explore. If you want to make it to Linapacan in the same day, one of these four would be a good stop along the way, to divide up the trip evenly, but if you want to do two of them you might not have time for Araw Beach later. 200p entrance fee each.
Banana Island
4.5/5 of 241 reviews on Tripadvisor, #12 of things to do around Coron.
These three spots (including Malcapuya and Bulog Dos) each require an entrance fee of around 200p/person.
Bulog Dos
#14 of top things to do near Coron according to Tripadvisor.
From the comments posted on the internet, it seems most people favoured this island from among the three.
No Name Island gold-star
Receives a star because it is located half way between Twin Lagoons/Kayangan Lake and the next recommended stop, Araw Beach, but also because it is a funky little island to explore and climb around. Cute mini little beaches, although not the greatest snorkeling. It's also free so your trip won't be unnecessarily delayed dealing with that. From what I've read and seen on the net for the above three popular destinations (located closeby), you'll see plenty better of that on the remainder of your trip.
Araw Beach gold-star
A nice little pit stop before making it to Linapacan, not far away. You can also sleep there overnight for about 150p. Has a little shop where you can buy beers and snacks, fresh coconuts chopped from the tree on your becking for only 10p each, and the locals are very friendly.
         End of day1  
Linapacan area gold-star
Tons to see with its 52, mostly deserted paradise beach islands. A standard local tour includes the Seniora caves, cliff diving, Turtle Island and excellent snorkeling in several locations in the clearest waters in the world. If your boatman lives in this area, which most do, and he does not have another tour scheduled, you can stay in this area for a few more days at no additional charge. You can also visit our own island, explore some of the jungle trails we built for a beautiful view of the area, kitesurf, play volleyball, party around the fire at night or just sleep over. You need not book in advance but can decide once you get here.
Deserted islands
There are many to choose from, as well as deserted beaches on sparsely populated islands, such as Bolina Island (shown here) in Linapacan, or Calacala or Takling islands on the way to Sibaltan. You can camp out with the boat crew, or they can leave you to yourselves if on Bolina (if they live in Linapacan), setting you up for cooking dinner on the fire and tent(s). Subject to availability, as the islands may be used by others.
Seniora Caves
At least tens of millions of years old, interesting stalagmites and stalagtites, but not very extensive, requiring about an hour there and back. For those not interested there is good snorkeling around its beach. Requires an entrance fee of about 200p which needs to be purchased in San Miguel, so make sure to inform your boatman to get those in advance.
Spanish Fortress and cliff diving
An old Spanish fortress which gave an interest reason for the naming of Linapacan. I'm told there is a second one and they are presently undergoing refurbishment, but the paths to it are already functional. Nearby is an island where guests like to dive from an easily scalable cliff into the ocean.
Spanish Fortress and cliff diving
Patoyo Island
A great island for those who like hiking and exploring, as there are lots of jungle trails. Our boatman Alvin lives there and can act as your guide, and you can even stay in a hut in his little community. On the other side of the island from him lives Henkey in a larger community, where you can also stay at his place and enjoy some karaoke in the evenings. Down from his beach there is a small alcove carved in the volcanic rock which they like to call the "swimming pool" and which has interesting snorkeling. Excellent snorkeling off the next beach, where there is an official camp. Be prepared for a good workout!
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CalaCala Island gold-star
Wonderful snorkeling on a quiet little island, good place to stop for lunch, very possibly deserted.
Takling Island gold-star
Awesome snorkeling, awesome beach, a deserted island you can camp out on.
Magransing Island
Great, really long sandbar, when the tide is right.
Maosonon Island gold-star
Cute stop, nice long sand bar.
Pical on Iloc Island gold-star
Wonderful little village, beautiful long beach. There are many wonderful places in this area I have not been able to document yet, water still absolutely clear. You can stay at the village captain's lovely little hotel, and end your tour there if you like, since it is only 30 minutes away from Sibaltan.
         End of another day(s)  
Lots to explore in this area but I have not had a chance to document yet. Refer to above section on Pical. Doesn't get a star because it is technically not a boatstop but rather an end or start stop, but definitely a nice archeological village worth visiting or staying at one night. Once you book you will be sent info on a van service to/from El Nido, or you can consider getting there by a beach hopping tour.
Other stops that still need to document: Manligad,in cagdanao,f they want to sleep in the hut there are 2 area in balenben almost near to the calacala,cagdanao
yah buddy near thier a hot in balinbin near calacala  only 6 minutes to 10 minutes nice place