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Landing in El Nido, Philippines



Finished exploring Malaysia and Indonesia for a while, too hard to find beers and too expensive, so decided will try Christian Asia for a while, head to the Philippines.

Was an American colony, everyone speaks good English, beer cheap and everywhere. Above is a local mini bus, everywhere in Manila, the nation’s capital.


But first for some good ol’ Filipino hospitality. Several of us couchsurfers were visiting a family in a village north of Manila and they cooked us up a major storm, as if it was Christmas.


Now on Palawan island, one of the nicest they say. The local taxis drive this tricycle. Gave me the idea that it would be the ideal purchase to explore the more than 7,000 islands in the country.

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Spent a night in Peurto Princesa, the island’s largest town and main airport (half the price it is to fly into El Nido, my destination – can see some pics at my upcoming 50th birthday party event). First stop was Tapik Beach Park Guest House east of El Nido.

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Made from seashells and sitting loosely on a table next to some sun chairs.

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Couldn’t get a mobile signal for internet, and electricity only during limited hours, so went to the neighbouring village to rent a room for $4.5 a night, 22 cents an hour for solar power during the day (free electricity from 6-10pm), highspeed internet on phone, wooohooo!


This room is above mine and can have mattresses for up to four people, $4.5 a night each.


Single room next to mine, same price.

160120152175 160120152176

Cooking using coconut shells and sticks for fuel.


Or can use charcoal too, if you like.


Well stocked kitchen.


A well in case the water supply runs dry.


Seating in the garden.


View of the ocean next to the entrance.


Decided to go for a stroll through the village.


Street lighting powered by solar.

160120152185 160120152186 160120152187 160120152188 160120152189

A little alley to a house behind.

160120152190 160120152191 160120152192 160120152193 160120152194

Dried fish in plastic bags at one of the grocery stores. No 711 here!


Have no clue what they are building here. The local jailhouse??

160120152196 160120152197 160120152198 160120152199

Some kind of barley drying in the sun on the local road?

160120152200 160120152201 160120152202 160120152203


Landlady showing me some fruit growing from the tree bark which I plucked off and diced up to add to my salad. Good for fish too.

Veggies I bought today are all locally grown. Very nice people, wave excitedly with smiles and “hello!”.


  • Ron

    Dude, you’re only one country away from me now (in Palau) . .. . Happy 50th. I do like the Philippines . . .. And want to go to Palawan . .. how long will you stick around there, you think? Ron

  • Goof

    Just noticed this now. Strange I’m not automatically notified, will check the settings. Think I’ll be here at least for a couple of years and in the next few days will be launching my first major island exploration for the website I am now building: Island hopping in the Philippines. Getting excited and have even purchased three portable solar panels for the occasion, since these rural areas have very limited electricity times. Would be great to hook up man!

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