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 I heard these banca boats can be dangerous during high waves. How safe are they?


You can check out our kitesurfing page for weather forecasts of waves and wind in the Linapacan area, or here for forecasts in other kitesurfing spots in the Palawan area. We carefully monitor these ourselves (some additional info for our boatmen). 

If we feel it is too dangerous, we will cancel or postpone a tour. If cancelled your deposit payment will be returned to you in full. 

During these times the coastguard generally shuts down the ferries. Note that the ferries are simply larger banca boats. Some of the boats have an extra engine but generally all engines are well taken care of. The greatest danger is when an engine fails. There are times, especially around February, when no boat can get in and out of Linapacan (or between El Nido and Coron) due to the high waves. The stretch between Linapacan and Coron has the highest waves due to the open ocean.

The big ship ferry only operates between Manila, Coron and Puerto Princesa, but we do have one smaller fishing ship (not banca) which frequents between Linapacan and Manila. They may be able to stop in Coron.

If you have sensitive electronics, such as a laptop or smartphone, it is always advisable to obtain a waterproof pouch or bag. We can suggest where to purchase those locally.

There is now a fast ferry between El Nido and Coron but they too can be shut down by the coast guards and you miss all the beautiful islands in between.