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 I am interested in a boat tour between El Nido and Coron.


I offer two services:


Boat Tours:


You can check out

for available tours that you can join (top table) and requests to form a group (table below that). 

A private tour boat costs from 20-30,000p (which includes a 4-5,000p deposit) for the entire boat and is divided amongst the number of guests on the boat (so 20 people on a 20pax boat would cost 1,000p each). 

Meals are 100p each, you can sleep for free on the boat, or on land for about 300p per bed, 500p total if shared.

For some deserted islands there can be a surcharge of 100p per person, plus 300p if you are renting a tent from us (400p if two people sharing – you can bring your own tent for free).


If you hire your own boat (top table), you can decide if you want others to join, who you will allow to join, and have greater control over where you go.

If you form a group (bottom table) or are permitted to join a prebooked tour (top table), you will pay a $15 processing fee and then you are free to discuss details with the others (the page has a link to a forum to help facilitate that).


If you simply want to put in a request to form a group (free – bottom table), please fill in the following information:

- which dates you will be available for a tour

- number of people in your own group/who you are traveling with

- where would you like your tour to depart from (Coron or El Nido/San Fernando)

- your first name

- male or female

- which country you are from (to give an idea to others what the group might be like)

- any comments (this will not be published but for my eyes only)


You can see a list of available operators at the bottom of that page.


You can check out 

for suggested ideas on where the tour can go.


Half the remainder (beyond the initial deposit) should be paid on boarding, the other half once leaving the Linapacan area (where the boat operators live – half way between El Nido and Coron).


If you so choose or is agreed upon by the group, and if it works with the boat operator's schedule (they all live in this area), you can stop in Linapacan for a pause, since there is so much natural beauty here. The local boat operators with smaller boats are less expensive, and you can visit my kitesurfing nature island resort (info below). For example, a one day tour with several islands, caves and fishing would cost around 2,000p for the entire boat, capacity about 10 people.


Note that around February the waves can be pretty big, and if unsafe for these regular boats, you can take the big public ferry for a local tour in the Linapacan area (half way between El Nido and Coron and full of beautiful, undeveloped or rural islands to explore). An appropriate refund will be returned to you.


On the webpage above, if it ever says Nido or El Nido, it will actually mean San Fernando or around there (about a one hour bus ride east of El Nido), because the boat operators in Linapacan are not allowed to go to El Nido, nor to any of the lagoons there.


If a large group cannot be organised and a private tour would be out of your budget range, another option is to take the large public ferry to here (600p from El Nido or 800p from Coron) and go on a local boat tour only, which can cost as little as 1000p or less per day (for the boat, not per person). There are many undeveloped islands and beaches to explore, or rural island villages where the people are very friendly and hospital. Meals are 100p, you can sleep on the boat (or tent on beach) for free, or a maximum of 300p at a family's house on land. A wonderful way to get off the beaten tourist track. You can check out the video at 

for a feel of what it could be like. There are caves to explore, diving sites (with equipment to rent) and excellent snorkeling in the clearest waters in the world. 

To help coordinate this properly, it would be best if you got yourself a local sim card. They are not expensive and text messages cost only 1 peso each.


I suggest at least two weeks for the Palawan area and not to try to cram in Borocay and/or Cebu and other places during such a short time, otherwise your vacation will be stressed and you will spend a lot of it on the bus or other transport. If a private boat is out of your budget range, there are public ferries for 600p from El Nido to Linapacan, or 800p from Coron. The Linapacan area has the declared clearest waters in the world, excellent snorkeling, tons of undeveloped islands with pristine beaches to explore, diving, caves, rural living and my own kitesurfing resort. Since the ferries can be sporadic, would suggest you give yourself at least seven days here so that you can relax and truly enjoy your vacation. 





For $25 I can send you details to the least expensive and acceptable places to stay (you won't find these on the internet - but I did add a few nicer places that I liked) and the most interesting things to do (based on my own explorations) in the following places:

- Manila

- Puerto Princesa

- El Nido

- Coron

- two beautiful places east of El Nido, one of which is an island not far from the other place

- an area half way between El Nido and Coron where the water is the clearest in the world, fantastic snorkeling, hundreds of undeveloped paradise beach islands and generally off the tourist radar.


This all includes transport information and how to quickly get to each place to maximise your vacation time, and a recommended itinerary. The savings on accommodation alone should well cover this investment, not to mention the time you save researching what to do, or end up doing something that looks appealing on the internet but isn't. 

You can check out a suggested itinerary at: 


Kitesurfing Resort:


Whether on an island hopping boat tour or visiting this area by ferry, make sure to visit the all natural kitesurfing resort I am building: 

Totally off the beaten path on a very rural island, total paradise, excellent snorkeling, white fluffy sand beaches, tons of islands to explore. About 40 minutes by boat from San Miguel of Linapacan, where the ferry stops between El Nido and Coron.